Newsjacking Is Not As Easy As It Looks

Leveraging news to sell products or raise your profile with the news media and other audiences through search is generally called newsjacking. The name implies a possibility to actually take over or steal the news. But the process is actually more like hopping a freight train; a simple way for brands, individuals, organizations and causes to hang on for the ride as a news story cycles through to its end.

Strategist and author David Meerman Scott (probably best known as the author of Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead) wrote a book about how it works and said, “It creates a level playing field—literally anyone can newsjack—but, that new level favors players who are observant, quick to react, and skilled at communicating.”

It’s important to be all three. Your communications skills don’t matter if your timing is wrong, and seeing the opportunity is useless if you don’t have the skills. It’s even worse if you even occasionally act clueless. Continue reading

Google’s Disappearing European Search Results

The low-hanging fruit in any effort to improve marketing and targeting is SEO, search engine optimization. Though SEO can become wonderfully geeky, for most clients, the advice and the work is simple: use keywords in content and headlines, the kind of words and phrases that you would enter into a Google search box yourself to find content like yours.

The best optimization is neither free nor simple, but most clients haven’t done the free and simple, so proving the worth of SEO is generally painless.

But even gratis efforts to push and pull content could become much trickier in the coming year for clients with international interests. Continue reading